five new photos (glistening, wispy&light, beyond, gloomy, summer reading) in 2008.


three new photos (generations, bubbles, minimalism) in 2007.


new section! black and white film photos, here. four new photos in 2007, and two new photos in the color film section.


new photos added in the 2007 section.


new year, new design. new photo section: 2007!


new camera equals new pictures! four added in 2006, and a new series called "Dreamlike" in the projects section.

a new site design is also in progress!


WOW. i haven't updated in a while....completely my fault - i was being lazy with this site. :[

but to make up, i've added a 2006 section AND added some photos to the color film section!

i'm also contemplating the idea of taking off all of my really bad photos, and keeping (in my opinion) my best up on here...


i added 3 new pictures in the 2005 section, and one in the color film section. enjoy! i also changed one of the featured photos.

i'm still working on getting a guestbook...just drop me an email (here or here) if you need to give some comments.


added a new category (portraits) and added three new photos! don't worry...i'm going to put up

a guestbook. i'm just trying to find one that i can customize...help please?


I HAVE A DOMAIN! freewebs.com just disappeared, so i registered a domain, and here is

aestheticheart.com. i've come a long way...so, in celebration, there's that new layout i promised

you all - enjoy. i maybe be adding a guestbook soon...


new pictures, new camera! this means it's time for a new layout! :D


new layout, new pictures! happy? i am. :]


THE SITE IS OFFICIALLY OPEN!!! added 14 new pictures, and one new link.